Guide to Pergolas: Types, Uses, Costs, and Installation

A pergola is an outdoor structure with columns supporting an open roof of beams and rafters. It is distinct from gazebos, arbors, trellises, and pavilions, which have different structural features.

Components of a Pergola:


Types of Pergolas

Types of Pergolas:

  • Freestanding: Stands alone in a garden or pool area.
  • Attached: Connects to a home’s wall, extending outdoor living spaces.
  • Arched: Features a romantic, curved roof.
  • Louvered: Adjustable louvers for sun control.
  • Awning: Small, mounts over doors or windows.
a series of five images, each depicting a different type of pergola 1) a freestanding pergola in a garden setting with flowers and a small bench unde

Pergola Materials

  • Wood: Common and affordable but requires maintenance.
  • Vinyl: Low-maintenance but can be costly.
  • Aluminum: Modern, rust-resistant, and minimal upkeep.
  • Steel: Durable, industrial look, but prone to rust.
  • Fiberglass: Weather-resistant and paintable but expensive.
  • Concrete: Long-lasting, classic or modern look.
a series of images depicting different pergola materials 1) a wooden pergola with natural wood grain, surrounded by greenery. 2) a vinyl pergola with

Uses For A Pergola

  1. Create an Outdoor Room: Enhances seating or cooking areas.
  2. Cover a Patio: Provides shade and connects to the home.
  3. Upgrade a Pool/Hot Tub Area: Adds privacy and debris protection.
  4. Elevate Garden Design: Supports climbing plants.
  5. Frame a Walkway: Creates a charming, covered path.

Tampa Pergola Installation Experts

We can help you select an appropriate style for your property’s exterior that will complement the design and style of your home, provide you with shade on hot summer days, and complement any garden or landscape features around your home. With our expertise, knowledge, and skillset, we can create a unique design that meets all aspects of your request. 

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Pergola Accessories

  • Shade Canopy: Various covers for sun and rain protection.
  • Privacy: Curtains, screens, or living elements for seclusion.
  • Lighting: Options for nighttime use, including string lights or chandeliers.
  • Temperature Control: Ceiling fans or heaters for comfort.
  • Entertainment: Install electronics for outdoor enjoyment.

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